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Steph Marie LLC is specialized in content creation that drives the audience to action. We use a proven method for social media marketing that gets results. In fact, some of our team's clients are best-selling authors have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America.

This best-selling author, businesswoman and business mentor started running ads and gained 23 high-ticket sales, making 57K in 60 days

 She grew her list by 1873 people in the 60 day period (it's now up to 7000 subs),  a 42% landing page conversion rate, and 23 sales into her high-ticket coaching program. We've now automated the funnel into an evergreen model and it's making sales consistently.

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This online life coach started running ads and made 45K in 30 days

The coach experienced a 49% landing page conversion rate, booked 61 sales calls in 30 days at $15 a call and closed 13 people into her high-ticket coaching program.   

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This online life coach started running ads and made 24K in 60 days.  

The coach experienced a 650% increase in freebie traffic, a ROAS of 9.6x, webinar registrations for $1.99, increased booked calls by 320% and increased landing page conversion rates to 58%. 

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What Our Customers Say....

There's no question about ROI. When Stephanie started handling our ads strategy, we quickly saw a boost in bookings. With guidance, we stepped up our social media presence, and over time the we started reaching the right audience to see and book our gorgeous properties. The power of targeting the right audience is huge. This was a wise investment for us.

-Superhost Rental Management

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